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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2 of 15-day birding adventure

Arose this morning at 6:00 am for breakfast. Then proceeded outside to observe the morning visitors to the lodge area. We were greeted by a variety of early risers such as Masked Trogon, Russet-backed Orependolo, along with numerous tanagers and hummingbirds. After visiting the feeding stations to view the White-bellied and Chestnut-crowned Antpittas, we walked the Antvireo trail to see what the forest offered. Undaunted by some showers we were able to spot Speckled-faced Parrots and Emerald Toucanets. In the evening we successfully tracked down an Andean Potoo befor calling it a day. Our total bird count for two days now stands at 100 species. Tomorrow, after a period of biding we will head to Wildsumaco for a three day visit.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 1 of 15- day birding adventure.

Started this morning on a 15-day birding adventure guiding a couple from British Colombia, arrived at Guango Lodge this morning at 8:00 am. After spending a few minutes at the dining area for a cup of coffee, we proceeded to walk the river trail, sighting specifies such as masked trogon, torrent duck, northern mountain cacique and many others. After birding until noon, we observed a total of 31 species.
Leaving Guango Lodge at 12:30pm, we proceeded to San Isidro, arrive a little more than an hour later. After showing my new friends the layout of the lodge and reserve we passes some time at the overlook, observing a total of nine different species of tanagers. We passes the rest of the afternoon viewing hummingbirds and other species, completing the day with a list of 57 species for the day.